Can I configure a trigger to add a comment to a ticket?

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  • Rich

    Totally agree with the guy from 2 years ago that said Zendesk does some things well but then has infuriating (and my opinion often baffling) limitations, in particular with regard to automation. I understand the concept of a "race condition" but as a customer I don't care why the functionality isn't there.

    What may have been considered edge cases 3-5 years ago are now typical use cases.

  • Lou

    We add comments (public or private) all the time via triggers. We send it to an extension. We even use automations to publicly "remind" a customer.

  • Rich

    Lou Yes, this is what I'm doing as well. My main issue with this isn't that it's impossible but rather Zendesk frames this as an unsupported configuration and that the application itself has clearly not been designed to facilitate such workflows.

    The limitations of Zendesk's ticket and cascading triggers paradigm wasn't as obvious to me until I built out workflows in other CRM's which in my opinion, were far better equipped to handle business process workflows more sophisticated than ticket in-ticket out. But still, like all SaaS solutions Zendesk offers many other benefits and can ultimately accommodate most situation with a bit of ingenuity.

  • Marcos Lara

    +1, Agents send an SMS to a use from a macro and I want to update the ticket in a private note that the sms was sent so agent know it was executed. The only thing i can do from the trigger is add a tag which, is at least some signal for the agent, but isn't ideal. Please allow the ability to at least set a private note, or as a global trigger option, "report trigger status in private note". you check it and it adds the same txt that is in the event stream in the comments as private.


  • Patrick

    Use Case; (our setup)


    We use a series of triggers to govern when and how a ticket is Escalated to a higher tier, as well as automatically de-escalate that ticket back to the lower tier agent if a set amount of time has passed. Our highest tier agents aren't always available, so we need a timer to ensure that the ticket is addressed promptly. Either by a higher tier support agent, or a lower tier agent making a judgment call they normally wouldn't have to make.

    The amount of time a ticket stay escalated is based on the Priority.

    Priority determines the sort order of tickets within our agent's views. No priority means that the ticket is not time-sensitive. Our times work like so;

    • Low = 1 week
    • Normal = 48 hours
    • High = 24 hours
    • Urgent = 4 hours 

    To prevent an agent from escalating a ticket without setting the Priority field, I set all the Escalation Detection trigger to ignore tickets without a set priority.
    The problem we run into is that I have no easy way to inform our agents WHY the ticket didn't escalate. I would far prefer to add an internal comment informing the agent what went wrong.

    This is just one example. We have other triggers that will refuse to move/reassign a ticket unless a specific field is filled out. In many of these cases I would prefer to create an internal comment informing the agent of what went wrong, rather then sending them an email.

    This would also be very useful in reminding our agents about the special service requirements for some of the organizations we interact with. Rather than having to give our agents a separate set of documents they have to reference when a ticket comes in from one of those organizations.

    This feature would be very nice to have, as I have no interest in mucking about with API calls to generate such comments.

  • Mistyamber Reynolds

    I would like to have a trigger add a private comment on a ticket when a closed side conversation is replied to.  I also cannot find a way to reopen a side conversation if it is replied to via triggers.  We need this functionality. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Mistyamber –

    I don't know of a way of doing this, so would you mind adding your use case as a post to our Feedback on Support topic? As always, the more details you can provide on your use case – what you're trying to accomplish, and what you're having to do to work around this – the better.

  • Fabio Strasser

    Hi Mistyamber Reynolds,

    you can create an HTTP Target to add the internal comment.

    I don't know if the "Side conversation is replied to"-condition trigger will fire if the conversation is closed though. But you can just test that. 

    Use this in the Ticket Update API endpoint: /api/v2/tickets/{{}}.json

    Use this JSON in the Target notification: 

     "ticket": {
      "comment": {
       "body": "closed ticket was replied to",
       "public": false,
       "author_id": {{}}

  • Jimmy Rufo

    Hi Team,

    So I received this email today, and we actually use a URL target to accomplish sending an automated internal note based on incoming ticket conditions on a trigger.  Its used hundreds of times/month, and will now be shut off in the next 6 months!  The fact that this feature is not already available natively in the platform is a huge shortcoming, and we need Zendesk to step up and give us a proper alternative.  CC Matt Wisse.


  • Lou

    We do the same thing, and I saw the email as well. My question is, is there a difference between a HTTP extension and a URL extension? The article specifically states HTTTP extensions, but our comments are done via a URL extension that makes API calls.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Jimmy Rufo and Lou –

    Our apologies, only HTTP targets are being deprecated. URL targets are not affected. See:

  • Elzbieta Petryka

    +1 asap

    Add Notes and comments with a trigger or a automations.

    7 years of customers asking for this functionality..sad

  • Alexey Kirilenko

    +1 really need this feature


  • Benjamin Fox

    I had to setup api targets and other mess to do this but they don't work perfectly. It BLOWS my mind that Zendesk doesn't have this. As agents can't see key communications with customers. Instead they are left in the dark and customers are emailing back about automations and so on that they can't see. 

    This is such a key feature, it should have been here on day 1. 

  • Lou

    This thread is so frustrating for me. We have all kinds of triggers and automations that create public and private replies all the time, without fail. If you go through this thread, you'll find where I explain it in more detail. It's very easy and very useful.

    Agreed, it should be native to the program, but the process we use is quite simple. It allows me to "email" the customer via a public reply instead of an email that doesn't show up in the ticket. This way, I document almost all activities.

  • Kyle H

    Hi there - I'd also like to add a vote that this is needed for a few reasons:

    1. Support agents who are not admins cannot see the trigger that includes a response. We use triggers as autoresponders all the time based on user selected category. 

    2. Triggers don't count as public comments which means they don't contribute to SLA's. Our FRT suffers on ZD analytics because tickets that are responded to with a trigger don't get counted in our SLA's. 


  • CJ Johnson

    I would love to see this feature built in and supported. I'm going to be setting up the workaround but like others have said, it feels extremely overdue for this to just be a supported method. 


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