Can I filter Explore queries by custom agent roles?

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  • Jón Andri

    Can you please cosider adding reporting on custom agent roles, or expose the permission_set parameter from the API. Reporting on agents without possibility to distinguish between Agent and Light Agent is necessary for monitoring licence usage.

  • Samuel Johnson

    We would also love this! Our agents may be a part of multiple groups and so filtering by group isn't always helpful, but they can only be in one role, so that is much cleaner for us to use.

  • Ruth Nogueron

    Yes, this would be very helpful. Our agents are in multiple 'shared' groups, but we have separate reporting that is tied to their custom role. It would be much easier to be able to filter by role, as opposed to remembering to have to add new agents as they are hired to our existing reports.

    Also, Jón Andri we do the following work around to keep up with Agent and Light agent - we created a custom checkbox call Agent License on our User profiles; when we add someone as a full agent, we check the box (and remove it when we remove full license). We can then use Customer Lists and create a list with the filter where Agent License is true. Export the list and you have a full list of the Agents/how many have a full license.


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