Workflow recipe: User and Organization Fields (Software Support Example)

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  • Allen Lai

    I'm adding plan details (e.g. Basic, Pro, Teams) details to all of our users and organizations (only applicable to Teams) that triggers, automation, SLAs, etc. can leverage. I have a few questions:

    1. If I create an Organizational field called "Plan Type" and let's say I assign a value of "Teams" to an org, will that value cascade down to the user and ultimately to the ticket? I see that a tag will be added all the down to the ticket, but I actually prefer not to be overly dependant on tags. For example, I wish there were a way (and maybe there is) where if I specify a Plan Type to an org, that same field will automatically appear (and not require me to create a separate User field) in the user's profile, and ultimately in the ticket.

    2. Is an Organization/User Field the best place for things like their Plan Type? I'm not familiar enough with Sunshine, but my vague understanding of it is that this might be the better place to include plan details, device info, etc.

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