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    Mandeep Singh

    This is super helpful! Thanks Ray

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    Tim Finney


    Is it possible to have comments be internal or moderated? Or are comments simply 'on' or 'off'?




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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Tim! I just answered your question over here: Disabling Social Media and Comment options in Help Centre

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    Jacob J Christensen

    Thanks Ray, just what I needed.

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    Danielle Dalton

    Thank you for this post! Since the Follow button at the top only relates to comments, does anyone know how to remove the Follow button? It's irrelevant if comments don't exist. Thank you!

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    Jacob J Christensen

    Hi Danielle,

    You're right about the follow button on articles is only for comments - but it is also available for Sections, where it notifies followers of any new articles appearing in said Section (or articles being moved to this section).

    So while it will make sense to remove the button on the article template you may want to consider leaving it on the Section template. 

    In any case it is called {{subscribe}} in the markup, you can either delete it or replace it with {{!-- {{subscribe}} --}} , so you can easily change it at a later time.

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    John Yu

    Image links are broken, please fix it when possible. Thanks.

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    Jake Bantz

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the heads up! It looks like they were pointing at an internal location. I have fixed the images so they are available to all.

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