Can Zendesk Support equally distribute tickets amongst agents or groups?

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  • Au Finh Saechao
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    If the constant, automated pushing of tickets into your agents' inbox isn't your thing, I'd recommend checking out Playlist Ticket Assignment!

    With the click of a button, agents can easily pull the oldest tickets that match their groups into their inbox. It's much simpler and provides your team with more flexibility.

    • Automated ticket assignment
    • Right tickets, right person, right time
    • No complicated round robin rules

    As a manager, you can also probably ensure some level of equal distribution by setting daily goals for your agents. We'll also be building tools to help make this easier in the near future!

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

  • Max McDaniel
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    From some quick research, it seems like this is a very common request and it's disappointing Zendesk doesn't have some sort of native solution to handle this use case. The Round Robin app may be a workaround, but it does NOT have the ability to assign tickets to Groups, only individual agents, requiring a further, hacky workaround in order to achieve group distribution. 


    Has anybody else run into this limitation/use case, and has anybody found a different solution than Round Robin or Playlist (not exactly what we're trying to accomplish either)?

  • Au Finh Saechao
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    Hi Max,

    You are right. We also get a lot of emails for this request, so we are planning to add a light-weight round robin option to Playlist. When a ticket is submitted, the solution will distribute the ticket to the appropriate agent or group in round-robin fashion, in near real-time. We're aiming to roll out this feature by the end of September, so we'd love to get your feedback!

    Au Finh

  • Karen Lam
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    I would be interested to hear more about this light-weight round robin feature

  • Devan - Community Manager
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    Hello Karen,

    You can learn more about this app and its benefits by visiting it in our Zendesk app store. I've linked below to their page that breaks down the functionality of this handy app.

    How Round Robin works 

    Best regards,


  • Au Finh Saechao
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    Karen Lam, Glad to hear! 

    Our initial version of round-robin will be lightweight in the sense that it'll require you to more or less follow best practices with your Zendesk setup (e.g. routing tickets to groups, having a separate group for each queue, etc.). The goal is to keep it all within Zendesk and make the tool as simple as possible.

    Here are some of the features:

    • Agents will be able to set their status to online/offline to indicate their availability to receive tickets
    • Managers/team leads will be able to monitor agents that are online/offline
    • Round-robin rules will assign tickets to the appropriate agent or group based on the ticket's group
    • Tickets will be assigned in near real-time as they come through
    • If no agents are available, tickets will remain unassigned and will be "queued" up to try again throughout the day.

    Shortly after the initial release, we plan on adding a load-balanced option as well. With the load-balanced option, tickets will be assigned to the most available agent (based on open ticket count) first. Once agents have reached a specified threshold, tickets will be assigned in round-robin fashion.

    If you send me a note at, I could walk you through what we currently have. We'd love to get your feedback and hear about your use cases.

    EDIT: both round-robin and load-balanced routing options have been rolled out. We also decided to hold off on routing tickets to agents in near real-time since tickets are typically backlogged in a queue.

  • Au Finh Saechao
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    Max McDaniel Devan - Community Manager Karen Lam, I am very excited to let you know that our round-robin solution is now live!

    Check out the demo


    • Runs every 2 minutes
    • Use a classic, round-robin model or route to least loaded agents first
    • Use existing views to set up queues
    • Drag and drop to change the priority of queues
    • Agents can set their status to Online, Available, Invisible
    • Manage agent statuses under the Team tab
    • Set an inbox limit to control how many tickets agents can work on at a time

    This has got to be the easiest solution availble for evenly distributing tickets to agents in Zendesk.

    Coming soon

    • Skills-based routing
    • Sound notifications

    Try it out for free:

  • Steven Vella
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    Dear All,


    We are new to Zendeks and we need to use a automated ticketing assignment system on zendesk. We have IP white listing on API calls for security reasons. Does anyone know of a app that has a single point of contact which we can white list and does the automated assignment ?





  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Steven,

    I'm not aware of an app that will help with whitelisting in particular, however, there's the Round Robin app that can help with automatically assigning tickets out. If you have any questions regarding the integration, you'll want to reach out to the developer of the app directly.

    Hope this helps!

  • Steven Vella
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    Hi Brett - Community Manager,


    I heard of Round Robin and we are already in communication with them. Unfortunately they told us we need to whitelist all AWS IP's which really defeats the security purpose if we do this. I also spoke to playlist which have the same issue. I'm asking if anyone knows any way how to solve this issue.


    Kind Regards




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