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    Shawn Lucas

    So... basically, "Recently Viewed" ultimately becomes "Related"?

    And the content creators cannot provide any guidance as to what is actually related?

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    Shekhar Shete

    Do we have any feature or Ability to set ‘related FAQs’ against each FAQ. manually?
    Any suggestions please welcome..

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for your question!

    I asked around with some folks here and their response is that the tool doesn't offer that kind of functionality; the actions are all organic based on the formula outlined in the article. 

    However, it is possible for you to write something custom to allow you to do what you want to do. 

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    Scott Prevett

    This functionality would be extremely appreciated if it was added. Right now I'm adding a "See also:" link at the bottom of my FAQ questions, but this really should be a smarter feature that allows for simply checking a box next to articles in a list, possibly with another checkbox for whether we want that link to open in a new window.

    As it stands now, the Recently Viewed and Related Articles are just redundant variations on the same theme and aren't particularly helpful. Site visitors won't care, but they probably won't use those links all that much, either.

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    Karsten Jensen

    I can see that you use the term "user", but does it mean that the feature only calculates related articles based on logged in users or will it be all visitors?

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    Niclas Kårlin

    I think this feedback is what we want?


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    Nicole - Community Manager

    @Karsten - yes, it is just logged in users. 

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