Can I have just a Help Center?

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  • MiiiA Pty Ltd

    I think Zendesk are missing an opportunity here in selling GUIDE standalone.

    Some of the enhancements recently have made a large leap in capability and I'm sure there are companies out there that would pay standalone per/month pricing for it to house their internal KB.

    Perhaps a low-cost option not based on users but per brand/site?

    I realise in the back-end it could be reliant on some of SUPPORT's infrastructure, but from the outside I don't see any clear need for a link to Support (end-user point of view anyway).


    Well done on latest updates to Revision History, and Theme Capabilities.



  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Dan - 

    I encourage you to post your feedback in the Product Feedback topic in the Community, where our Product Managers can see it. Feedback posted on Tech Notes is not reviewed by the development teams. 


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