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    Brandon Armstrong

    I do not want agent name to show

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    Hello Brandon, 


    You can disable this personalized email replies on your email channel ( Admin > Channels > Email). 

    Once this option disables, only your company name should appear when your customers are responding. 


    I hope this is what you are looking for. If you have any other question about your Zendesk, feel free to reach out to us at



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    Craig (Edited )

    You can change the information in the brackets (Your Company Name). 


    You do it from: Channels -> Email -> Edit support address. 

    This will give you an optional field to input a value for each of your support addresses. If you leave it blank the () will disappear too. 



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    Maria Angelova

    How can we have a name without having it in brackets?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Maria!

    Do you mean that you want to have the company name AND the agent name, but without the parentheses around the company name? Or that you want just the company name and no agent name?

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    William Flaugher

    Hi Jessie,


    I'm also interested in this question!  We support many different end-users and it would streamline things to prevent our account name from following the agent name in the body of a text.  In the first comment, I'm talking about the "(Zendesk Support)" that appears after "Madison Davis"


    Is this something that can be updated with multi-brand functionality?  If we applied a different brand to the ticket, would it supersede the account name?



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    BF Support

    Ridiculous that this feature cannot be hided in a simple way

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    HI BF Support - 

    What are you trying to hide? We may be able to help you out. 

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    William Flaugher

    Hey Nicole,

    My company is looking to hide the "(Zendesk Support)" that appears after "Madison Davis." We don't want the account name to appear directly after the Agent's name in the body of the message.



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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi William, 

    I apologize, there is not a way to remove the company name following the agent name. 

    As far as your earlier question with regard to multibrand, your account has a single email template that cannot be modified by brand. If you want your email notifications to customers to vary based on the brand of the ticket, you can create multiple triggers to do this. For information see, Using the email template with multiple brands.

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    William Flaugher

    Thanks for the response, Nicole. 

    To your second point about the brand, are you saying that the company name will remain after the agent name (in the body of an email) regardless of the selected brand?

    This is to say that there's literally no way to update this displayed name based on any group/brand/triggers/etc?

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