How do I create a trigger based on a ticket subject? Follow


How do I create a trigger based on a ticket subject?


The trigger condition, Ticket Subject text... scans the ticket subject test, therefore you can use this condition to create triggers based on a ticket's subject text.

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    Recently Zendesk added native support for searching only the subject string!

    So to summarize, there are now two conditions to match against subject:

    • Comment text... will look through comments and subject
    • Subject text... will only look at the subject

    Also not documented, but note that a string like Äsch won't be matched by condition äsch, while a string like Test will be matched by condition test.  

    That is, search doesn't seem to recognize lower and upper case letters that are outside of the US character set.

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    Thank you, Joel! You are a step ahead of us, as usual. :)

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    Thanks Joel! We've updated the article to reflect this change. 

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    Will this option be made available in the View section? To be able to create views based on ticket: subject text would come in quite handy as well.

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