Custom ticket fields on the Web Widget

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  • Pam Dunsky

    it doesn't appear to allow drop down list type fields to be included either.  is that intended but not documented?

  • Jenny Miller

    We also need the priority (system) field to be editable by end-users in the web widget forms, but it's not showing up in the widget. Is that intentional? We did actually get a custom drop-down field to show up in the widget, fwiw.

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Are there any immediate plans to allow REGEX and multiselect fields on the web widget? This is a huge show-stopper to provide a coherent customer experience...

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Pedro,

    Thanks for your question. I reached out to the product manager, and here is what she said:

    "Those and date field are known gaps. We are intentioned to add them at some point but I don't have an ETA."

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Thank you for following up, Nicole.


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