How does Zendesk capture the location of the end-user?

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  • Mikayla Welborn

    Can the end-user's location be used in business rules? We would like to be able to create triggers using the end-user's location.

  • Leandro Vasconcelos Sava

    @Mikayla Welborn.

    The end-user location mentioned above is only for report purpose. However, there are few work-around you could use to achieve it.


    1- Create a user field and manually add the end-user location



    2-  Create a ticket field then ask the customer to provide their location when sending you a request.



    3- There is a condition under trigger which allows you to use the time-zone, but it will not give the exactly location of the user.







  • Jane Sun

    @ Leandro Vasconcelos

    Hi Leandro, thank you for the workaround. Would it be possible to include office location when I do a bulk import of of users?


    Thank you!

  • Leandro Vasconcelos Sava


    Hi Jane, my apologies for the late reply!

    Yes you could, but before you do it you need to create a custom field called office location as explained here.

    Once you do it you can then import the CSV file which include the office location header. Find more information of how to bulk import users into Zendesk here.








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