Is it possible to require a field be set before moving to a status other than Solved? Follow


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    Michael Dennis

    Thanks for the workaround to a significant deficiency in Zendesk.  As a workaround it has many holes and significant consequences.

    We are using the Jira Integration with Zendesk.  It will NOT update Zendesk Tickets where a Field is set to required.  

    I can set those fields to be required for Users, but I cannot set them as truly required for Agents.  With this workaround I can nag them, but ultimately they can ignore it and that will cause the notifications we've setup from Jira to fail to update the Zendesk Ticket. 

    For us these notifications send an email to the Customer and solve the Ticket.  Having that be unreliable, defeats the whole purpose of the integration.

    Is there really no other solution to enabling these fields to be required for an Agent for other Statuses?

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