How are Zendesk Support email notifications sent out?

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  • Matus Wuscher

    Hi, is there any option to be notified when a trigger was launched for a specific number of times during some period that I can set? (For example last 24 hours). My goal is to control unusual situations that may occur. For example if some trigger is launched usually 10 times per day but something happens and it launches 30 or more times for the last 24 hours, I would like to know about it without checking manually. Thanks

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Matus Wuscher,

    Looking into this as our base product stands, there is no native way to perform this type of tracking, as you described. I would recommend sharing your product idea with our developers on our Support Product Feedback forums so that we can consider this update for potential future releases.

    Best regards. 


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