Can I change the attachment size limit in ticket comments?

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  • Ana Martins

    For a tech support team it's incredibly easy to go over the maximum limit of 20MB (we already have the highest subscription) with error dump files and code files.

    In 2017 20MB simply doesn't cut it. We have to workaround this by having our own AWS S3 storage and our own Front end portal.

    Like Jordan and Scott stated, very embarrassing to explain our customers to use another way of sending us the files.

  • Scott Johnston

    I agree with Jordan. It is kind of embarrassing to tell our customers about these limits. Zendesk, please consider increasing these limits for those that ask.

    Thank you.

  • PeterHudson

    The community managers are missing the point here...

    The main issue is clients sending attachments to us.

    Most of them are sending screenshots/debug logs etc etc to demonstrate their problem and this bizarre limit is making the whole ticket process redundant.

    Of course we are all all using Dropbox, Google Drive, Youtube and the HC to deliver content.

    We need to receive files - please stop answering the question with a hosted solution - our users cannot do that.


  • Jordan

    Wow this is super frustrating. It's so easy to exceed a 7MB file size when supporting customers, and having this arbitrary limit is so limiting. Not good, Zendesk. You're being too stingy here with us at Team level.

  • Kris

    Adding my voice that the 7mb limit for Team, or even 20mb for Pro, is pretty sad for 2017.  For a major workflow in a support service, this isn't acceptable.

  • Brandon Svec
    • 7 MB for Team is too small for inbound attachments.  I would be fine limiting outbound size because I can host them, but customers should have a 25MB attachment limit, at least.
  • Brett Youngberg

    What a poor decision after this long.

    Sure, you've forced our agents to use third party tools to send attachments. However, it's when our customers try and send us attachments that exceed your limits and we have to tell them to go use Box, dropbox, or some other third party tool so that we can service them is where Zendesk no longer becomes a customer service platform, but more of a nuisance for us and the people we are trying to provide support to. Not all customer bases are tech savvy or employees of a company that have these third party services made available to them.

    The minimum file size should match gmail, yahoo, etc attachment size limit, especially since the option to integrate Zendesk with a G Suite inbox exists.



  • A K

    Nicole, that suggestion to add more than one attachment under the 1mb to email is even more ludicrous than the arbitrary limit itself, it's 2017.

  • A K

    Bye zendesk because of this arbitrary nonsense i have moved my business away to freshdesk. Whomever thought in your planning meeting this limit was a good idea can be proud of costing you around $1200/yr in business.. i realize this is not much but it speaks to much larger issue you have going on.

  • Darryl Fresne

    Agreed. We are also looking at alternatives. When you are unable to upload simple files such as logs, it becomes very frustrating very fast. 

  • Tim Scholten


    Currently we are struggling with the file size limit set by Zendesk. We have many clients that are sending screenshots or pictures. We have to ask our clients to send an attachment to our personal email (which completely takes away the benefit of having a support system). 

    Some questions about this topic: 
    - Why are the limits so low? 
    - Are you working on a possibility to upgrade to a bigger file size (without upgrading the total plan)
    - Would it be possible to link something like Google Drive / Dropbox / Box to Zendesk? In this way the files could be uploaded automatically to our own storage. 

    Unfortunately it's not much better at other support systems, so really a possibility for Zendesk to stand out here! 

  • Darryl Fresne

    I have to say that this limit (20mb) is a bit ridiculous. We are unable to have our customers upload basic log files for troubleshooting. I was just asked by ZD support to upload my Chrome HAR file logs and that file was 37.8mb. Still waiting for a response as to how I'm supposed to upload that file to ZD support. 

    This arbitrary 20mb limit has been in place for over 2 years. Time to update your policies @zendesk. many times will this issue come up before Zendesk resolves the problem?

    To be clear, this is a problem, and a third party solution is not an answer. Most of our customers have extremely restrictive security policies. To be able to use our ticketing system without this arbitrary, and frankly, a ridiculous limitation is absurd.


  • Bogdan Gavrilescu

    Are the limits still the same? Usually people want to attach a screenshot, in 2019 a screenshot can take up to 10-20mb. Please keep up with the times... Maybe you can do a integration with google drive or something...

  • M. A.

    Actually, we are getting a lot of complains from our customers regarding the attachment size, 20 MB is nothing. We should not have to send our customers a BOX link every time they open a ticket because they are not able to upload a file that is over 20 MB (which is most of the time). Why is this too hard to implement? Storage is very cheap and Zendesk can work / integrate with any file storage company to make the upload process seamless.

    I suggest that ZDK move this request to the front of the line as we are getting pushed to move to a different support tool if we keep on using two applications for tickets & attachments. Thanks

  • Tom

    Zendesk is incredibly stingy with these paltry file attachment limits. Someone should tell them it's not 1998 anymore. And once again, they've been saying for over 3 years now they will "look into it" while doing exactly the opposite. How do they get away with charging these very high monthly fees while making it difficult to actually provide good support to our customers? 

    Increase the file limits, already. You should have done it 3 years ago, this is ridiculous at this point to still be clinging to these out-dated file limits, but then that seems to be par for the course at Zendesk where simple improvements take many years. Very discouraging to be a Zendesk customer. 

  • ben

    These limits are a joke. 

    All email is capable of 20mb, the system needs to support this on all pricing tiers. 


  • Danielle Jensen

    Hi there! 

    I've updated this article to better reflect that information. To answer you directly, the attachment limits mean that each attachment must be under the size limit; you can upload as many attachments as needed to a ticket. 

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions! 


  • Jordan

    Here's an article I found on a competitor, where they show they have a 20MB attachment limit per message:

  • Tim Scholten

    I fully agree with PeterHudson here! 

  • Ellen Livengood

    Seems somewhat silly to ask "what someone would be willing to pay", vs. Zendesk doing its own market research and figuring out a reasonable extra charge for a higher limit. Reasonable would be along the lines of what people are already paying for a 3rd party solution, the benefit being that it doesn't require additional work to set up and use.

  • Alan Canode

    +1 for 20MB being too small. It's preventing our end users from sending us log files without workarounds like Dropbox which are a significant hurdle to ask of a typical customer.

  • Dead Account

    20mb is a pathetically small size for a file attachment.

    We work in the architecture and engineering design space, and a single file for support purposes can be upwards of 1GB. Realistically though, we can ask customers to trim that down to a few 100mb.

    Zendesk is not cheap, and as such it's pricing should be reflected through better functionality.

  • A K

    This ridiculous limitation is the reason why you will be loosing me and my business in the next 6 month. 

    1mb is laughable on the small end and 7 for team is tiny as well. At the very least you can pass it over via email or something if you don't want to store them. 

  • Ana Martins

    Allow me to clarify that we do not have any issues with the upload made in our Support Portal, we handle that with S3 storage.

    The problem is when such attachments are sent by the customer via email (we use Gmail) and due to the size, they don't reach the case.

    Although Gmail accepts the attachments, they just don't reach zendesk.
    Andrew J, this is the reason such solutions do not work.

  • Isaac Slape

    Please increase the file upload size limit. 20mb is too small.

  • DB-Pros Inc.

    Adding our 2 cents here as well.

    A 1mb limit seems totally arbitrary.  Beyond that, when we attempted to attach a larger file, a tiny message box with no text in it popped up, so our Agent struggled for some time to assist a customer with s small task..


    This looks poor on Zendesk.


    After reviewing the limitations to the other account types (7mb etc), I have to question what other unreasonable limitations Zendesk has decided to apply to customers.


    Poor decisions like these lead to lack of trust leads to lost customers....

  • Tiny Rabbit Hole

    Its a deal breaker here. 1mb is so small. we cant serve our customer in 1mb

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Tiny Rabbit Hole - 

    I encourage you to share your feedback in the Product Feedback topic in the Community, where the Product Managers will see it and hopefully be able to take action on it. 

  • customersupport

    Does that mean o the Essential plan you could have lots of photos attached that were all under 1MB or their total file size must me under 1MB?


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