How to troubleshoot your triggers

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  • Christina Libs
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  • Nelli
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    I'm trying to find out why my agents are not getting notifications for private comments on tickets. I've checked the Events from those tickets and that trigger fires, but email are still not sent. Then I tried the Revision history, but my triggers don't have that option next to the name of the trigger. How to proceed? Thanks!

    *Edit* I was able to get the notification to email, but it does not work every time. Any idea why?

  • Matteo
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    Hello Nelli,

    In the section of this article: Specific scenarios, you will find a link to this tutorial -

    In your case, something like this should work:

    Also, check A trigger notification should have gone out, but did not – additional considerations for additional troubleshooting.

    Hope this helps!

  • Linda Simpson
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    I'm stuck on a trigger situation. The owner of the account is also an agent. He no longer wants to receive an email for every ticket that arrives in the system, he only wants an email if the ticket is assigned to him. 

    I want to specify which agents get notified of a new ticket. Only two agents should get this email notification, and one of them decides who to assign the ticket to.

    The trigger is "notify all agents of received request" 

    Action is "email user" "all unrestricted agents" - can I not specify certain agents only?

    Thanks, Linda



  • Jonathan March
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    Linda, in case it makes a difference in your options -- what ZD account level do you have?


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