Can I share email templates in Sell?

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  • Michael Murphy
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    This really would be good functionality for us.  I have successful email templates that I'd like to easily allow my team to use.  My workaround right now is a shared notebook in Evernote with all of our templates.  

  • Serene Gao
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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for reaching out. I'm afraid that we currently don't have the functionality to share email templates across the account. This feature is certainly in our product roadmap and is planned to be addressed soon. I'd be happy to send in a request on your behalf to our Voice of the Customer team to help advocate for this project.

    Please don't hesitate to let us know if we can help with anything else!

    Serene Gao
    Customer Advocate | Zendesk Sell
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  • Craig Atkinson
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    Agreed, as a marketer, it's absurd that I can't write a template for our sales teams and push it out.

  • Devan
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    Hello Craig,

    Thanks for your email. I've passed it on to the relevant person in our marketing department.

    Best regards,


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