How to pull data from Zendesk Support to Microsoft Power BI

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  • Edwin Schukking

    From the Microsoft site:

    Before Oct 15, 2019, the Zendesk Support Search API allowed for a total of 200,000 results to be received through pagination of large queries. To align search usage with its intended scope, Zendesk now limits the maximum number of results returned to 1,000 total results, with a maximum of 100 results per page. However, the current Power BI Zendesk connector can still create API calls that exceed these new limits, resulting in possibly misleading results.

    This means the integration mentioned in the article no longer works for us. Is there another way, perhaps when by starting to use Zendesk Explore Professional or via the Zendesk API (did I read smth about a program called Postman?)?

    We would consider using the Professional version of Zendesk Explore, but our company as a whole prefers to report in PowerBI. So, there is our issue, as you may understand.


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