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  • Mark Sokolowski

    Hi Mara,

    Thanks for producing this video! 

    There is lots of demand for this functionality - I would personally love to create a view of the tickets I'm cc'd on since it's much more efficient than going to the agent profile and would allow me to filter out tickets that aren't open. Has there been any discussion with your development team about implementing this functionality?

    I should be able to create a view for the tickets I'm CC'd on



  • Mara Simonson
    Zendesk Customer Success

    Hi Mark - Thanks for checking out the video! It looks like you've found the feedback thread for this feature request. When updates have been made to this functionality, the thread will be updated by a Product Manager. I'd recommend clicking the "Follow" option on the thread so you can be notified of updates! 

  • Mark Sokolowski

    Mara Simonson Thanks, I am following that thread. There hasn't been an update to that thread by a community manager in 2 years, and in another community discussion about this, the most recent update by the Community Manager was 10 months ago. Since your post was very recent, I was hoping that there was maybe some more recent news.


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