Why do I have to assign tags to drop-down ticket fields?

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  • Kathryn Brewer

    This response only tells the process.  It doesn't answer the question of WHY do we need to add a tag on these custom fields.  We don't want to add them in this fashion.  It interferes with our custom views and how those views are capturing tickets.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Kathryn, and welcome to the community!
    Tags are how Zendesk recognizes the values of drop-down fields, so they're necessary for the fields to work at all. If you're finding that dropdown field tags are interfering with other tags that you're using, the best solution would be to modify the fields used in your dropdown fields so that they're unlikely to be used for other purposes (e.g., by adding the dropdown field id as a prefix to the dropdown field tags for that field). But do see Changing the field option tag for important considerations if you choose to go that route.
  • Elissa Tikalsky

    Exactly what I needed. Thanks Ben! 


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