How can I add a hyperlink or image to my signature?

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  • Tatiana Ozaruk


    We implemented our brand signatures under Brand configurations > Agent Signature. I'm able to see the logo in the signature of the ticket in Zendesk, but not within an email. How do I ensure that the logo shows up within the signature when the ticket is opened via email? 

    Thank you

  • Dekbi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Tatiana,
    Since the images show in the ticket within Zendesk, this means that the issue is not with the images that you had with Zendesk or any configuration in your Zendesk instance. This could be a restriction on the email client that the recipient uses. The email client might either be blocking externally hosted images, doesn't support background images, or a firewall is blocking the access to images being sent via emails.
    It would be best to coordinate with the email administrators of the recipients to check why the images that you have set in your signatures don't appear.
    I hope this helps. Have a good day!

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