How can I download all attachments in a ticket?

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  • Eduardo Silva

    I think this missing feature is a must, we just got a ticket with more than 130 files and we need to grab all of them, time is critical.

  • David McKnight

    I just downloaded almost 100 jpg files from a client's support ticket, and had to do it one-by-one-by-one-by-one-by-one... Click on the image, click the download button, point browser to where the images need to be saved, save, start all over again. PAINFUL

  • David McKnight

    I just looked at the API dump of the ticket, and I could write some code to parse everything from the content_url, but what a pain. You should already have a function that already does that. I am going to look to an alternative drop box for files, but now they won't be attached to the ticket, so it will require a manual reference in the ticket. Sure wish you guys would take a look at this.

  • David McKnight

    OK, I think my solution for this until Zendesk offers this function is to have the client access an Office 365 SharePoint folder in the browser and upload images to that folder. Still would prefer that be a function in Zendesk, keeping everything together.

  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for this feedback, David - and welcome to the community! 
  • Rosana Lin

    This feature is very needed.

  • Markus Schulz

    This is a particularly important function because these days everyone who deals with customers automatically receives files (especially photos) from them. From my point of view, it's necessary to have the possibility to download all attachments at once. Even if it is packed into a zip file.

    If zendesk wants to be a professional tool for dealing with customer requests and claims this function is a must!


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