Best practices: using a 'Resolution' field

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  • Pattie Naumoff

    I have established Resolution fields in our organization.  We also use the Problem/Incident feature to solve the Incidents linked to a Problem ticket.  At this time, only the comment and status of the problem are included in the incidents.  How can I automate the update of the resolution fields in the Incident from the Problem?   

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Pattie,
    As it turns out, this functionality is not natively available. This can be possible if a script will be created that will leverage the List Ticket and Update Ticket API so that the values for the Resolution field in the Problem ticket can be used for the Incident ticket. Creating such customized workflow is not supported. 
    There can also be some users here who can share their similar workflow.

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