Can I configure a trigger to add a comment to a ticket?

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  • Dave Jensen

    It is really surprising that this functionality doesn't exist. Just curious, for those who are using a target/trigger combo to have an internal ticket created - are you able to share a step by step guide on how you're doing this? I a looking into whatever ways I can get an internal note added that displays the text used on emails to requester we send out via trigger.

  • Lou
    Community Moderator

    This user tips and tricks explains the comment part farther down in the article:

    I use it VERY often and it works great.

  • Richard Pixel

    It is very disappointing to see, that this functionality not only hasn´t been natively within Zendesk, but to see how many people are requesting it, and no change is being made. 

  • Sandro Araujo

    there is indeed a method from Zendesk itself to insert public comments in tickets via trigger, they even posted here in the answers 90% of what needs to be done for this comment to be public.

    but yes, it is possible to insert public comments in the ticket using triggers.

    and has nothing to do with URL, we achieve such action using target notification.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    HI Sandro,
    The issue is that using a trigger to do this is not entirely reliable – it's possible that race conditions could result in the ticket not being updated with the comment, or in the comment trigger preventing a different trigger from completing its operation, and there isn't any way to predict if or when that might happen. 
  • Sandro Araujo

    Hi Dave, how´s life?

    but on what aspect would it not update? We have triggers working this way, inserting public comments into tickets, without any harm to the flow.

    it's a native solution of yours, I don't understand how you still haven't noticed.

    often the solution to very complex problems lies in absurdly simple solutions. Have you ever heard about it?

  • Matthew Taylor

    Is it possible to use standard HTML formatting with notify targeting?

    ie. if I wanted the response to contain a hyperlink


  • Tom Rees

    Does anyone know of a way to get this working for a Whatsapp ticket that is on messaging to message the customer?

  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Matthew,

    This can be achievable, but we do not recommend this! The reason is addressed in the following article with more details (Webhooks use the same concept as HTML/Targets):

    Thanks for your comprehension! 


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