What is the difference between Add tags and Set tags in business rules?

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  • Oliver Tietze

    There should a bit fat warning sign ⚠︎ 🛑✋🏻or popup with the "Set Tags" option, as in all thinkable cases, used without knowing, it will do the opposite from what you may expect. 

    We've set up an automation that scans all triggers and automations regularly for the "Set Tags" action, to send out an instant alert.

    It happened more than 1 time here already that some admin just used "Set" instead of "Add" by pure error (clicking in the selection and then using cursor keys or whatever).


  • Oliver Tietze

    Also theres is MANY suggestions to clearly separate "Delete ALL Tags" from the mysterious "Set Tags" option, i. e. this one https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4409775035802-Replace-Set-Tags-with-Remove-All-Tags but also more more more. 

    Zendesk, please, help us avoiding killing tags without knowing. Impact can be massive (with triggers and automations)!


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