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  • Americo Pagliuca

    This video claims organizations are a hierarchical way to structure data.


    I don't see that is the case anywhere, actually. It would be tremendously valuable if there was a hierarchical relationship available. 


    We have Organizations per Store Location, but we'd also like to group them under several Area-wide orgs, under a global Store org. We have our various non-store departments [HQ based information workers] as Orgs, but would be great to group them under our HQ. 

  • Ruben Cortez

    I 100% agree with Americo. We have the same requirement. Orgs grouped into rolls or BU's that identify a product feature set is something we're looking for.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Ruben and Americo –
    I think the hierarchy that Molly was referring to was the relationship between the Organization and the users that belong to it. But I get that you're looking for a hierarchy of Organizations too, and not to worry – that's on the horizon! It's possible currently for a given user to belong to multiple organizations, but that's sort of weak hierarchy. However, in June and July we're planning on rolling out lookup relationship fields, which among other things could allow you to create the type or organization hierarchy you're talking about: see Announcing lookup relationship fields for Support, and specifically Ashwin's comment in the comment thread below that talks about some of the use cases for this new field type.

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