Is there a dark mode for Zendesk Support?

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  • Juan

    Wished this was something Zendesk supported in a native way.

  • E. Sandman

    I second that.  Dark Mode is so much easier on my eyes.

  • Austin Glass

    @..., as of today, the "alternatives" you are providing require a monthly subscription to use. 

  • Cliff Davis

    I'm seeing the same thing as everyone else.  The dark mode Chrome extension began asking to "Sing in with Google".  The misspelling alone has me concerned about using this plugin.

    Again, Zendesk has left core functionality to a third party and now it doesn't work.  The same thing happened with a refresh plugin.  It's time to switch to Freshdesk.

  • Jordan Randolph

    This is an accessibility feature that should not be passed on to another service. I believe this is your responsibility to provide, especially now that this software is charging a subscription. (With incorrect spelling) 

    Asking people to use a random extension for their work is a security risk. You guys can do better. 

  • Gareth Evans

    Echoing the comments above.

    It's surprising to see Zendesk, a company with over 5k employees that all use a web browser all day long, overlook basic accessibility functionality such as this. Not to mention pointing paying customers towards untrustworthy third-party browser plugins that default to having full access to all pages that you browse. 

    The benefits of Dark Mode are numerous: accessibility, style, visual hierarchy... the list goes on. 

    Here's a few links on the topic:

    - E-commerce dark mode case study. Turn the lights off and enjoy the… | by Manuj Gosain | Bootcamp (

    - Dark Side of UI. Benefits of Dark Background (

    To me the question is "how is it that there isn't a native dark mode for Zendesk?" and right now it feels like it's been wilfully ignored.

  • Peter J

    Please, please, please add Dark Mode as an option to this wonderful app.  My eyes will forever be grateful.

  • Permanently deleted user

    [Gremlins-voice] BRIGHT LIGHT! BRIGHT LIGHT!

  • 이지훈(Lee jihoon)

    Our agents are losing sight. Please add dark mode soon.

  • Lizyer Maxim

    Chrome dark mode no longer works. We get constant updates that we do not ask for.

    At least add dark mode. This is TOO BRIGHT!

  • Walter Q

    I switched back to Dark Reader its not as clean as the zendesk extension but it does the job. 

    I have some sites I don't want in dark mode, so I use the site list section on the plugin and add the ones I do want in dark mode to inverted list only.   That way the ones I have native dark mode it doesn't mess with. 

  • Kyle Pinkley

    My eyes would thank you if you could add a native dark mode feature in Zendesk.

  • Edwin Schukking

    In the meantime, would the below help you all out?

    (copied from

    How to force dark mode for Chrome web content

    1. Enter the following address in your URL bar: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark
    2. This will bring up a hidden Chrome settings menu and the Force Dark Mode option.
    3. Go the drop-down menu next to Force Dark Mode and select Enabled.
    4. At the bottom, hit the Relaunch button to restart your browser.

    Note: In Step 3 above, you'll see several options in the drop-down menu; they all work similarly, simply switching up the colour models available. You can test them all if you want. It boils down to your personal preference.

  • Peter J

    Edwin Schukking

    Thanks for that tip.  This forces dark mode on Zen Desk.  Time will tell if I can keep this setting active as it makes all pages dark which may or may not work well for other sites.

  • Adam Adam

    The Chrome extension you list now charges $2/mo per user. 

  • Dylan Garcia

    Please add this future instead of relying on the third-party extension, especially now that they are charging $2 a month for using it now. I don't want to pay for something I use for work and my work won't pay a monthly subscription for everyone in my company to use this.


    Hi @...,

    I used to use the Chrome extension you mentioned until they started asking for $2/m. This is a must-have feature for all your customers. I'm really having a hard time now working on your platform. We all want the dark mode to be available as an option, and you should support that.
    Almost everything now has a dark mode option, and it's for a reason. Please deliver this request to whoever can make a decision at Zendesk to make it happen.


  • Gareth Evans

    From what I can see, @... is no longer active on the Zendesk community so it could be that he's no longer with the organization. I'm wondering how we can get this issue escalated within the organization.

    Paging @... Adrian McDermott & Toke Nygaard, please help us!

  • Amy Lee
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, thank you for your feedback. We hear you! While I don't have any timeline to share on this at the moment, this has been a point of discussion for a while. I will come back with more information soon. Thanks again! 


    Thanks @...!
    This is very important for many people and I'm pretty sure it's going to be easy for your team to do it.

  • Gareth Evans

    Thanks @...! It's good to be heard. We'll put down our pitchforks, I swear... 

  • Amy Lee
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We have a few technical prerequisites we'll have to tackle before we can get to this. We should be able to have a better idea of the timeline in a quarter or two. In the meantime, browser extensions are the way to go. Thank you! 

  • Andrew S

    Maybe the community can come up with a custom Midnight Lizard scheme in the mean time.

  • Gareth Evans

    Andrew S whoa, thanks for the heads up - this is a decent alternative. For those curious: Midnight Lizard - color schemes for all websites ( The default version actually works quite well:

  • Andrey Resler

    Just adding my 2 cents.

    There's a reason why all big software products that were designed for prolonged use (IDE, graphical editors, operating systems (including mobile), e.t.c.) implement dark mode. 

    ZenDesk Support is definitely designed for prolonged use -- many tech support people use it all day from 9 to 17.

    It's very unexpected and frankly surprising that dark theme hasn't been a priority for ZenDesk team for so many years.

  • Gareth Evans

    Andrey Resler couldn't agree more.

    Will Martin see Amy Lee's comments above. 

  • David W

    Same!  ZD, you have a great product as far as I can tell with using it for 3 months.  Would love it if you could either adapt or allow Windows themes, or Chromes to take over your overlays. Looking at your AI for long periods of time with the whitewash LOUD bright white built in is obnoxious and so Windows XP.  Please help your customers out. 


  • David W

    Actually, I have to follow back up on my last comment I just made.  I was using ZD dark mode theme add on in chrome.  As most of you know they now charge for a monthly fee...which is ridiculous (at least it feels like) so I turned that off.  However it looks like "Dark Reader" the Chrome extension works for ZD as well as other apps (G-suite apps included.  Everyone try it out and see how it works.  


  • Will Martin

    Hey all, while the Dark Reader extension formerly had issues with ZenDesk in the reply area, this seems to now be fixed.

    So now it works seamlessly with ZenDesk. I think it's the best Dark mode extension out there.

    Check it out:

    For Firefox users:


    Will Martin

    I agree. It looks like Dark Reader is the best free alternative to Zendesk Dark Mode Theme by at the moment.

    Zendesk Dark Mode Theme by colors looked better, though. I hope Zendesk will add a dark mode similar to the Dark Mode theme by It should've been done a long time ago.


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