Can I be notified of an SLA breach?

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  • Howard Rosenthal

    I must say, reading through this thread is is quite disapointing to me.

    This feels like such basic, simple TABLE STAKES for a company like Zendesk.  I was lead to believe that you are THE SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS on all things in the world of support.

    The complete inability to be granular enough to allow for measuring SLA violations in minutes rather than hours and then send notifications to agents when an SLA is going to expire is UNACCEPTABLE.  

    This effectively means that ANY organization with an SLA of 60 mins or less, CANNOT EFFECTIVELY use Zendesk.

    I would really like to know when this will be addressed?

    I will even suggest that an enhancement to the existing SLA module is order.  Specifically:

         *  allow for units of measurement to include minutes not just hours

         *  create a mini notification section within sla module that allows me to send notifications based on not only proximity to SLA (in minutes) BUT ALSO to specify the exact SLA metric (FIRST REPLY vs NEXT REPLY)

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Howard, thanks for your frank feedback. There's a thread on improving our SLA functionality in our product feedback forums with a recent official comment from our product team – can you add your use case to this thread? SLA Next Breach needs Minutes


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