Creating and managing automations for time-based events

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  • Kristine LaBarbera

    We'd like to automatically set a custom Ticket Schedule for Urgent incidents that come in on the weekends and holidays, and then update the schedule back to the standard Ticket Schedule service hours after the weekend/holiday passes.  For instance, an Urgent ticket opens on a Sunday and the clock only needs to run until 5 pm on Sunday and then pick back up again for normal service hours on Monday (normal service hours extend beyond 5 pm).  We have multiple schedules configured right now to accommodate for the different service hours for weekends and holidays, but we are trying to work through the automations/triggers needed to set the ticket to conditionally use the right schedule.  Can you point us to any best practices for this type of scenario?

  • Christopher Sims

    For both Triggers and Automations, have you considered some kind of creation environment to make it easy to learn? The kind of thing that I have in mind, would allow a new starter to use a GUI said interface would be made up of a series of dropdown controls. The first one would be labeled, condition 1. When I interacted with it, I could choose the kind of statement I wanted. There might be an edit field where I could input a value, followed by other controls that would allow me to choose the then and else pieces. Oh and Please ensure that said idea is friendly toward Screen reading technology. 


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