How does Zendesk handle Reply-To?

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  • Support Team

    This seem to be working fine for us, where we relay incoming messages to zendesk. In the process of relaying we changing From header (always same for all messages that arrive to Zendesk), but preserve original requester's email in Reply-To header. 

    Zendesk seem to pick up correct email from the Reply-To header during Ticket creation, but we see that each new message is flagged because From and Reply-To are different. Is there a way to disable that warning?

  • Ash

    We are having the opposite effect from the last post, warnings are not clear enough for agents to see that the from and to address are different, the reply to address does not look to be part of any validation checks and as the requester is set based on this it can this can lead to security issues.

    How can we block these or have the warning more clear?

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Ash! At this time there is not a native way to make the warning more visible. However, you can identify these types of tickets by the comment flag property of Comment object of the ticket using our API, so you could potentially build a custom solution to help your agents handle these types of tickets. 

    Additionally, we do recommend Authenticating incoming email (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) to help combat these types of emails. If you have specific examples in your account that you would like us to take a deeper look into, please contact us through messaging!



  • Kyle Pease

    Any chance we could use the "From" email in zendesk instead, as the requester by default?

    Using the Reply-To has been causing us issues for years with our netsuite back end unfortunately.


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