Explore error: No data available. Check your filters and calculations

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  • Itole Dogmo

    Drill-in and Decompose features will also display "No data available" if used on data filtered only to NULL values.

  • Marlon Fernandez

    same problem here, it works if I change the account name, it is affected mainly by the date range, however we can see data that should display the one requested, in this case June 2022. There if a bug around here.

  • Elza

    Guys this seems like an issue to me - WHY Zendesk can't show me the data I need??

    IF I search for these tickets manually - I do see tickets matching my filters EXIST during that time period that I choose. I do not choose a specific day - even if I ask to show me the data for the last 30 days - STILL I SEE THIS ERROR "No data available. Check your filters and calculations."

    This is not what I paid for - I upgraded the Zendesk to be able to use Explore but I can not=(((

    Help please!


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