Web Widget (Classic) Performance FAQs

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  • Michael

    Is there an equivalent page for the new Web Widget?  I just installed it and am noticing new performance issues.

  • Miranda Burford
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Michael,

    We don't have an equivalent page for the messaging Web Widget as yet but I would be keen to hear more about the performance issues you're experiencing.  Would you mind sharing more details? 


    - Miranda.

  • James Robinson

    Why is it still the case after literally years of promising performance improvements that the Zendesk chat widget still adds nearly half a megabyte to every single page load? This accounts for a third of our total page size on some pages.

    I understand that's valuable to Zendesk as a company to be gathering data from all clients, but all we want is to load the chat button locally with a couple of kb of simple code, then IF a customer chooses to click the chat, then it connects to Zendesk and starts a session. Surely that's not difficult to achieve?


  • Eliazer Braun

    it is not (only) about code size. 

    See this example from a typical light product page
    this is a static test without any user interaction

    any plans to address this too?


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