How do I remove the agent signature from proactive outbound SMS messages?

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  • William Flaugher

    Thanks for the post, Carl - this is very helpful. As one quick issue, I seem to be having problems with the "{{agent.signature}}" placeholder. While I do have a signature listed on my profile, and have added this string into the Zignatures app, nothing is appearing in the final signature being sent to the customer.

    Is there a different placeholder that we should be using or anything like that?

  • Carl McDowell
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi William,
    When you are using the Zignatures app the first step above was to have the normal signature disabled:

    1. Make sure the rest of the signature fields in your Zendesk account are blank, so only the app will be applying signatures.

    As you only want what is configured in the Zignature app to be used for the signature.

    So you might want to make a test ticket where you use a different tag, and just work on how you want the signature to look using the Zignature app.

  • Sadie S

    I'm having the same issue as William.  I've disabled the general signature, and I've removed all agent signatures.  I've configured the Zignature html as suggested, but I'm not seeing any signature come through on test tickets.  Can anyone assist?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Sadie, as the article above says, we're not able to provide support for third-party apps (for example, we simply don't have access to the underlying code). Please use the "Contact us" link on the Apps Markeplace page for the Zignatures app. Thanks!
  • Carl McDowell
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi William and Sadie,
    I've got a new update to the article coming and I've been doing some testing one of the issue you may be running into is that you cannot use Agent data placeholders like {{}} or {{}} in the Zignature app.

    Try this new code:

    {% capture tags %}
    {% endcapture %}

    {% if tags contains "proactive_text" %}
    {% else %}

    tel: {{}}
    email: {{}}
    www: <a href='' target=_blank'></a>

    {% endif %}
  • Coach Robin Patton

    Is there any updated solution to this problem that does not involve using a third party app?

  • Philip G.

    This app is no longer supported and does not work with agent workspace.

    We need the ability to not include a signature in the reply when connecting to SMS platforms. 

    The signature should not be saved in the body of the message.

    Please enable this! Thank you!

  • Carl McDowell
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Philip,
    I am not having any issues using the app in my Zendesk account with Agent workspace enabled.
    And the app still appears to be supported.
    Can you confirm where you we advised that it is not supported?
    If needed please open a ticket with the support team, and we can have a closer look into the issue you are having getting this working.

  • Philip G.

    Hey Carl McDowell I could not get this to work in the Agent Workspace. It's a pretty straight forward install too. 

    I search for help and the Git says:  "This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only." Support is no longer available unless you know how to reach them in a different way? 

    I already created a support ticket and Zendesk came back empty handed and suggested that I make the comment above to show this is needed by more users. I can create another ticket for you to look at if you feel you can make it work?


  • Andrey Sarapulov

    You can download the App from the marketplace. It perfectly works!

    For technical questions feel free to contact the App developer.

  • Meilech Knopfler

    +1 I would like too turn off signatures in the comments alltogether.


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