Can I track second or third reply time in reporting?

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  • User 5629941

    This seems like such an important metric to track? Are there any plans to add this metric into Explore? Surely every business needs to understand how quickly each email reply or live chat reply from a customer waits for a response from an agent? 

  • Ollie

    I agree, this is an important metric to be tracking. We can set up and SLA for Next Reply Time but yet have no quantifiable way of tracking NRT as an average for example.

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi everyone,

    Here's a community tip with a method to calculate Next Reply Time for async channels by leveraging Support and Explore (and without having to depend on ticket status changes in the metric formula).

    There are some limitations but I got pretty good results so far (in-depth analysis on my blog: external link).

    Have fun!

  • Ika Fitria

    Hi Pedro Rodrigues,

    For escalated/transferred tickets, do you know if we can track the time between when the tickets are assigned to a new agent (post-escalation & transfer) to when the newly assigned agent sends their first response?

    Thank you!


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