Can I automatically set priority on tickets for my SLA targets?

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  • Shweta Gupta

    Hi Tiann,

    This is helpful.

    I have a follow-up question - Based on the above, how can I keep on assigning tickets to agents (round robin or any fashion). I tried the Round Robin app on marketplace and Play Mode on Zendesk and they are not really helpful and my usecase is not solved with them.




  • Austin Killey
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Really great question @.... Is there anything in particular about the Round Robin app or Play/Guided Mode for our ticket views that hasn't been working out as you expected? 

    Beyond those 2 methods, our next option could be to use either an Assignee or Group action in a trigger that's added to the very bottom of your trigger firing order, which would help assign any received tickets if they haven't already been assigned to an Assignee or Group by other triggers.

    In that setup, you'd be able to assign a ticket to a group as a whole (where agents in that group could assign themselves individually to tickets) or you could choose a specific agent, where things might get a bit hairy once that particular agent starts getting more tickets assigned to them than other agents.

    Beyond trigger usage though, we could also look at another 3rd-party app like Playlist Ticket Assignment, which also happens to have its own round-robin routing, along with a few other bells and whistles. Looks promising! 



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