How do I notify my customers that their ticket was solved?

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  • Leonardo Machado


    I'm tring to use this placeholder ({{ticket.comments_formatted}}) to send an email to user when ticket are solved, but the placeholder not work.

    I can't found in form (View available placeholders).

    What I'm doing wrong?


  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Leonardo,

    Thank you for sending a comment on our Community.

    Don't worry! we're here to help. When you create a trigger, under action>email user/group or text user/group - the view available placeholders will appear below the comment box.

    When you mention that the placeholder did not work. Are you pertaining to the message or the trigger? If the trigger did not fire, conditions need to be reviewed. You can check How can I troubleshoot my triggers? for a step-by-step procedure on basic troubleshooting. If it's the email, we suggest that you revisit the format of the placeholder on your trigger, or you can also create a test ticket using your personal email as an end-user, so you will see how the message appears on the end-users end. For your reference, here's the complete list of Zendesk Placeholders.

    All the best


  • Leonardo Machado

     Thanks for your supporte!


    The placeholder ticket.latest_comment work.


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