Can one email create two tickets in different Zendesk accounts?

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  • Evolt Pty Ltd

    This limitation needs to be rectified. Please read this feedback for a scenario that has major implications created from the above logic.

    If you agree with this feedback support, please upvote the issue for the design team to look at.

  • Shane Skeens

    Agreed. This is a significant limitation that is causing us to re-evaluate the use of Zendesk in our Multi-brand environment, in which every brand has a unique email address. If a user sends it to one brand and Cc's another, the second will never hear of it. Even suspending the tickets would give some visibility into the issues received.

    Please revisit this issue for us multi-brand customers!!!

  • Benjamin Kirsch
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, thank you for brining up this use case.  The scenario of multiple support addresses being included in the "To:" header of emails is something that our teams are actively working on at the moment.  In Q1, our plans involve creating a new API endpoint that will surface the information of the original recipients included in a ticket created via email.  This API will allow the creation of customized workflows to meet the needs of each team's ticket creation preferences.  

    We are still gathering some feedback of the information that would be important for us to include in this new endpoint.  What info would be helpful for your teams?

  • Shane Skeens

    Thanks for the reply, Benjamin! For our purposes, simply passing (replicating) the same information that is included on the ticket created from an email. "From", "To" and all Cc's, as well as any information included in the email itself (subject, body, attachments, etc).

    Without understanding your new "endpoint" better, it's hard to say exactly how it could be optimally designed.

  • Matthew

    Agree. strongly. and not a happy bunny

    this is an incredulous limitation and either an oversight by the development team or a sales ploy. 

    we have deployed 4 separate instances. (as recommended by Zendesk in the first) and have 2 partners who also use Zendesk support. and the best option is to tell our 4000 customers to change the way they send mails... Really! 

    we now have entered within my business road map a migration to a working support system. 

  • Mark H


    I tested this and I got it to work across two Zendesk Systems, one email creating a ticket on each.

    It worked if I use the Company Email address that are set up as External Emails (with forwarding, not and also have an end-user contact setup in each Zendesk system for the other system's external email.

    We have two Zendesks, for IT and one for HR, that users often send a common email.

    Zendesk System 1, for IT: e.g.
    External Email created for has been forwarded to
    Setup an End-User for

    Zendesk System 2, for HR: e.g.
    External Email created for has been forwarded to
    Setup an End-User for

    The tests were to send an email to both Zendesk systems using different email addresses on the to: and cc: lines

    It will NOT work if I use the more than one default Zendesk email address, like
    TO:  ,

    It will work if I use external emails, like

    I can get it to work if the two company emails are placed on the To: & CC: or both on the To: line of the email.
    We are looking at this so we can instruct IT directly on part of a leaver process and keep HR informed (cc'd), HR however do not need to act, but must be aware.  A ticket is created on both IT and HR Zendesk system, from the senders email, each ticket had the other email contact in their CC, as needed (contacts for these email addresses already existed on each system, this might be important), but updates made to the ticket in IT did not update the ticket on HR or create a new ticket on HR, albeit the IT ticket history Event Audit indicated that the cc email was sent, but I understand Zendesk will not send emails between Zendesk accounts, but this is good, as we just need IT to process the ticket and for HR to be aware that the original request was made.

    One of these systems in Zendesk Support Professional, the other is Zendesk Support Enterprise.

    thanks, Mark


  • DJ Buenavista Jr.
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi all,
    As for this, like what Benjamin mentioned above. This is currently in the works and our team is still gathering additional information before adding this feature or option. 
    We'll be providing and sending an update and announcement once we have this implemented and added.
    Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead!
    Kind regards, 
  • Magdalena (Agent)

    I'm voting for this functionality as well.

    We have received questions on such functionality from several clients already and we observe the increasing need for it.

  • Whitney Dorsey

    Is there any update on this update to functionality?

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Whitney,

    there are unfortunately no updates on when the implementation will be released.


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