What do the statuses of Zendesk Talk mean?

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  • Theresia Londong


    I have a question about the call completion status with the 'Not Answered' calls in both inbound and outbound cases, what does it mean?

    And we have this report where it shows numbers of Outbound Calls with Not Answered status but under no agent, is it possible that an outbound call is not made/not owned by any agent?

    Thank you  

  • Rosie Balagbis
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Theresia, 
    Not answered means that the call didn't go through or was not successful. For example, an inbound not answered call is when the end-user wasn’t connected with the agent, or the customer left the call in a transition stage that is not included in the abandoned statuses. While an example of an outbound not answered call is when the end-user didn’t answer the agent’s call.
    That's possible if the agent immediately hangs up the phone after doing the outbound call attempt [call failed].
    Calls not answered by agents or customers. Including the following:
    • Connection failed outbound calls
    • Calls missed by an agent
    • Connection failed inbound calls
    • Pending voicemails (these are unsubmitted ones)
    • Call forward malfunctions
    • Agent Declined Calls
  • Theresia Londong

    Hi Rosie, 


    Thanks for stopping by and responding to my inquiry. 

    I have a case where my Zendesk Talk dashboard shows a number of outbound calls, with non-answered status, but do not relate to any agent.

    In what case does an outbound call was not made/owned by an agent?


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