How can I export my Help Center content?

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  • Bruce Banner

    Hi everybody,
    I've been working on an app that allows you to export a list of all articles in Zendesk Guide. It also exports the broken links & images for each article.
    It is available on Zendesk's apps marketplace.
    Register and get your free help center export

  • Jason B.

    Hey all, I'm looking to use this script with Single Sign On and have been encountering some trouble. I pulled an API token to use instead of a password, as I do not functionally have one and using what I saw in this article
    But I am still prompted to enter a password. I assume this is just because of how the script is written but I am looking for advice on how to export my articles without a 3rd party app or paid service. Thanks!

  • Jayme Bruce

    What happened to the Knowledge Base to PDF app that used to allow the downloading of Zendesk guides to PDF format?


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