When using a custom date field as a trigger condition, what does "is within the previous" and "is within the next" do?

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  • Jeremy Holmes

    We wanted to move away from requiring every single ticket to be a task since it is the only way Due Dates work. Unfortunately, the custom date option doesn't work either because there is still no way to trigger to open on the day that it is due. We created a complex workaround, but now have an issue with everything being based on GMT so it is still causing issues because things are opening the night before. We are now scrapping the whole concept and going back to making every single ticket a task. We would love if we can have a custom field that either works like Due Dates or just expand on the functionality of Due Dates and stop limiting them to only Tasks. We would prefer to be able to tie individual problems to incidences and still have the tickets function the way we need. Zendesk is severely limiting it's users by not doing something that has been requested since before I started using the product. I have come across multiple discussions and found references to parts of the support site that have been cleared out. It would also help foster a sense of real community if coming across questions posted that are listed as answered had answers that were serious considerations of user needs and not just a blatant disregard of the user needs. Also, since I'm on about it, a time option would be great too. Most of our users are working only out of Zendesk and even if they do have Outlook, don't want to set up a calendar event to work a ticket. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    @... That does sound frustrating, I'm sorry to hear it. I wonder if this (paid) app might be of use?


  • Francois Spinnael

    We are trying to do the same with a "follow-up-date" 

    Basically a date that the agent defines when he has to re-check that specific case. 


    The solution with the tags only works onces per case.

    If the agent put a new "follow-up-date" well it will not run the automation anymore because the tag has been removed...


    I was thinking to clean "The follow-up-date" but this isn't something that zendesk can handle...


    Any solution by someone?



    >> Maybe found a solution: I put the date on 1990-09-01 and adapted the trigger to not give a tag if that date is present

  • John Brunker

    Just like Peter mentioned above, we are looking for the exact same solution....

    All I want is my custom date field to activate an automation saying "Follow-up date has arrived" and send out an email.

    Has anyone found a reliable way to implement this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Bart

    Hi All, 

    Need a hand with the custom date setting. 

    We have new businesses that sign up, and I'd like for a trigger to only fire once for their very first ticket and take into account the custom date. For example, if a business signed up a week ago, but has never written to us, and this is their first time, I want to add a tag, so I can add it to a view and add an internal comment on steps / processes for agents. If the trigger has fired before - and the business writes again, we don't want to have that trigger fire again.  What's the best solution around this?


  • Mattia

    Hi! How can I have a trigger running for the opposite: "is NOT within the previous" or "is NOT within the next"? 

  • Clifford James Lacson

    Hello Mattia,

    May I know what exactly are you trying to achieve with the opposite of "is NOT within the previous" or "is NOT within the next"?

    You may check out some of the Trigger actions and conditions here for more guidance about it: Trigger conditions and actions reference

    Clifford James Lacson |Customer Advocate

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  • Mattia

    Hi Clifford! 

    We have a custom date field associated to our users called <published_at> that indicates when the user published a listing on our marketplace. We have a trigger that does the following:

    IF <published_at> is within the previous 3 days THEN add an "onboard" tag on the associated ticket

    We use the tag to group all tickets that need onboarding in a view. We need to create a trigger that removes that tag if the listing is older than 3 days. 

  • Clifford James Lacson

    Hello Mattia,

    Apologies for the late response as I was on leave last week :(
    I will be creating a ticket for this so we can continue our discussion there.
    Look for an email from me shortly!


  • Raman Kalia

    Hi, I've got another tangent altogether. I would like to utilize the date field but as per business day. I.e. If I'm setting the date value 10 days from now, it should not count the holidays in between. Any idea. Thanks

  • Raman Kalia

    John Brunker Hi, You can set up the automation to fire 0 (zero) days to the value of date field.

  • John Brunker

    Thanks Raman Kalia. I tried this also but nothing is firing when I have this setting. I wonder if there is some other attribute that would need to change from the recipe above.

  • Marta Lagut

    Hi all,

    Has anyone figured out how to achieve what's described in this thread? I have:
    - Custom Date 1 -> put manually by agent
    I need to set up a text notification for the particular group of people IF the date put by the agent is later than 24h from the time the date was entered. Example:
    - today is 08/11/22
    - agent puts in a date of 15/11/22 --> text notification sent as the date is more than 24h
    Scenario 2:
    - today is 08/11/22
    - agent puts in a date of 09/11/22 --> text notification not sent as it's within 24h 

    I do understand what Mattia Tosti was referring to, it looks like you can only put number of days in "is within the next/previous", but we would need is "is NOT within the next/previous".


  • Kalyn Dobbs

    Hi there, 

    I also have a specific use-case for this field in a Zendesk View that I'm trying to work out, and wondering if someone can help. 

    Our business is events, and I'd like to be able to create a View using the Date field that only shows tickets where Date = Today, so that we can prioritize getting back to people who have an event that day.

    I've tried setting 'Is within the next' = 1 but that's only showing me tickets where the date is tomorrow. Using = 0 shows no results. Any ideas? 

  • Holly Jania

    I'm also having the same issue as Kalyn.


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