How can I upgrade an end user to an agent?

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  • Sydney Neubauer

    When you upgrade an end-user to Agent, the default role sets to Contributor rather than Light Agent. Is this expected behavior? I was not able to find any documentation regarding this

  • Jordan Crawford

    I have the same question too. Why is the default role being set to contributor when upgrading an agent? Can this be changed somewhere? I've looked but haven't found anything. I would think Light Agent should be the default too.

  • Darenne
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Sydney and Jordan, 

    Since you have the same concerns, let me answer your questions in one response. 

    I've checked this internally with our dev team and upgraded end users default to Contributors instead of Light Agents, I was able to confirm that this is hardcoded and expected behavior. Due to the following reasons: 

    1. Contributors don't take up an agent seat so defaulting to Contributor instead of Light Agent helps prevent any unexpected license usage
    2. Light Agents have more permissions than Contributors so defaulting to Contributors ensures the user does not have more access than you intend right off the bat
    3. As Light Agents are not available in all accounts whereas Contributors are, developers changed the default role to default to Contributors instead of Light Agents for a more unified experience. 

    I hope this clarifies it! 


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