How can I troubleshoot common SLA issues?

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  • K Zee Testing

    With regards to SLAs for First Reply Time and Next Reply Time, are these pausable by moving the ticket to an on hold status?

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey @...! Moving the ticket to an On Hold status does not pause the SLAs for First Reply Time and Next Reply Time.

  • Elle Tucker

    For the example in which an agent creates a ticket for an end user, I understand why first reply time is not available because the Agent makes the first public comment, but how can we assign an SLA? Can we add a periodic update?

  • Josh
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Elle!
    Thank you for messaging us.  It is true that you can add periodic update SLA however, the SLA will be active even in Pending. But this will satisfy your use case.
    You can check more about SLA here: 
  • Milos Sirotanovic

    Unrelated question, but you do not have this page anywhere.
    I want to know more about your SLA with ZD clients.
    I have been waiting for the last three months for a resolution, and each time I asked about the SLA, I was either ignored or, in the end, given a sign-up sheet where I asked the question and now have to wait for someone to get back to me.
    Sorry for using this page. Your agents do not care if the issue is being worked on in private.
    Please assist or advise on the following article to ask the SLA question.
    Thank you.

  • Hervin
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Milos,
    First off, please accept my apologies for your experience so far. I understand it can be frustrating to not get a clear and timely answer to a question you have asked. I would be glad to provide some info in regard to your question about SLAs with those who reach out to Zendesk Customer Support.
    Since we have moved to a messaging experience, you may be familiar with the initial self-service prompts that try to get you to a resolution quicker. When the question or issue needs a bit more attention, that's where our Advocates come in. Given the nature of your question, you may need to talk to an agent right away or you may be OK with getting a response later. For customers looking to talk right away, we try to prioritize responding to them within a few short minutes. For customers who can wait for a reply, we still value their time so we try to reply back initially in a few hours.
    As far as complete resolution of a ticket goes, that's where things can start to vary. Given the urgency and complexity of a ticket, we understand that a ticket's resolution may be between a few minutes or a few days. One of the things we try to prioritize is setting appropriate expectations and keeping lines of communication open. In other words, if there's an issue that's taking longer to resolve, we want to share as much as we can about why that's so.
    I hope this information is helpful!
  • Milos Sirotanovic

    Hi Hervine,

    Thank you for your reply. Sadly the information wasn't helpful as this is the same reply your agents always send when asked on SLA!
    I understand that some cases can be challenging to solve, but none excuse the 21 days we waited between replies. Also, we have an Enterprise agreement, but your agent informed us that there is no SLA for our type of agreement and stated that I could look up the PRIME deal if I am interested in SLA. When I went to submit the request on the page I was referred to, it was just a newsletter subscription and a request for a contact, but no one got back to me in the last ten days.
    Regarding messaging, I can never get anyone there. The longest I waited was 2 hours. I don't always receive a reply from you to all requests, some get solved with no answer, and some take two or more days for the first reply from you. 

    It is strange that a company like ZD does not have an SLA and that cases can be dragged for a few months.
    I have stated above, "I want to know more about your SLA with ZD clients." and this has not changed. Could you please send me this information instead of the usual pitch "you are doing everything you can to help"?
    SLA can not be "we are doing our best", but must have strict guides and limitations and a penalty for the breach in worst cases.
    Also, please let me know if there is an article for ZD SLA towards their customers or should we continue this conversation on multiple articles until this information is made public.

  • Milos Sirotanovic

    This ticket is not waiting for my reply, but yours. If you continue this, I will have to move the conversation to multiple articles as ZD is hiding information from its clients. This message was sent to move the ticket status to open.

  • Spencer Lowry
    Hi Milos,
    I am really sorry about your experience with Support thus far. Although we do not have SLA's in place it is not acceptable for your tickets to be taking this long to get solved. I understand your frustration. 
    I will work with my manager to ensure that your ticket is getting solved (I did see that there has been some movement and it is getting close). 
    I truly apologize for the negative experience you are facing and I will do my best to ensure this does not happen again. I did send you a message last week in regards to Premier Support which would help with with the long ticket time issues, but this is a paid service. Happy to discuss this further at anytime, and once again, sorry for the huge inconvenience.
  • Mark Ganusevič


    It's very confusing why this was a design choice:

    SLA is not paused when ticket status is Pending

    , I assume since this already works for Resolution time - it should also work for Reply time?

    Is this on the roadmap for the SLA system rework?

    Thank you!

  • CJ Johnson

    Can anyone explain why the old SLA policies never seem to fall off? I have updated a policy to remove the metric for Requester Wait Time, but even after updates, tickets are still reflecting an SLA for this metric. 

  • CJ Johnson

    Could you also address "How do I tell what SLA targets are being displayed?" 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi CJ,
    I'm thinking that the target is still active when you have modified the SLA policy. This should be in effect for tickets that will use the policy moving forward.
    In addition, if you are pertaining to the SLA badge in each ticket and what target is showing, there's no direct way of doing it but just to look on the most recent ticket SLA ticket events.
  • Jennifer Landry

    I am having an issue when an "internal" note is placed on a ticket, then assigned, the SLA time does not get applied. Any idea why?

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Jennifer,

    Currently, SLA metrics do not take internal notes into account, this functionality is planned to be added to SLAs in the future.

    I found an existing feature request related to this with a response from one of our Product Managers here: SLA based on internal notes. I also recommend that you upvote this post and leave a comment on the thread with your use case. Our Product Managers actively monitor our feedback threads. Thank you!

    When a requester is an end-user and the ticket is created with a private comment, the SLA first reply time target starts at the first public comment by an end-user after the ticket is made public. This means the first reply can start after a public agent comment. It still runs until the next public agent comment after the end-user. If there was no comment by an end-user in a ticket, the first reply metric could not be applied. More details on SLA metrics can be found here: Understanding what SLA metrics you can measure.
  • Stephen Whyte
    How can a ticket meet the First Reply metric and breach it during the course of troubleshooting?
    The example below is of a ticket that was created from an IB call and then escalated to another tech for additional troubleshooting. The ticket was then re-assigned back to the first tech to relay the resolution to the client. 
    The first tech that received the call was attributed with the missed SLA:
    Metric name: First reply time
    Metric status: 
    Metric breach: 
    Sep 26, 2023, 05:45 PM
  • Hiedi Kysther
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Stephen Whyte,

    Your issue may need further investigation. I suggest reaching out to our Support team so they can investigate this issue further. We hope to hear from you soon! 


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