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  • Stefany Parracho


    Sending the ticket as pending lose the one-touch?
    Even if the user doesn't respond and the ticket closes after 5 days with just one interaction? 

    Thank you!

  • Jeff Haynes

    Hi Stefany,

    It is possible that a ticket that has been auto-solved using an automation after one-agent reply could be considered a one-touch ticket. To get around this, you could have your automation add a tag to the ticket to indicate that it was solved by the automation, and not by the agent. Something like "auto_solved", and then just exclude any one-touch tickets that include this tag when examining these tickets in Explore.

  • Kerry Washington

    Hi Jeff and Customer Success,

    I have a serious problem that I can't figure out how to solve.

    My users constantly open multiple tickets sometimes with the same question.  They usually made some mistake and are in a panic mode. I think they think they will get more attention but it has the opposite effect.

    How to I keep them from opening a new ticket when an existing ticket is still being answered?


  • Jason Schaeffer
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Kerry!

    There is not a sure fire way to prevent End Users from being able to create multiple tickets. The best thing you could do if they are from the same user and are the same question is to merge them, that way they are all kept under the same ticket that the agent is working on. Please see below for instructions on how to merge tickets:

    I hope that helps! Have a great day, cheers.

    Jason Schaeffer | Customer Advocate |

  • Tim Doolin

    If a one-touch ticket is reopened, is it still captured as a one touch ticket in explore? 


  • Jeff Haynes

    Hi Tim,

    The ticket would only be classified as one-touch until the agent next responds. Here's an example:

    - End User submits ticket

    - Agent replies and solves ticket

    At this point, the ticket is a one-touch ticket.

    - End User reopens ticket

    - Agent replies again and solves ticket

    The ticket is now a two touch ticket. The thing to keep in mind here that so long as the ticket hasn't been move to Closed status, and is reopened, it's still the same ticket record. All agent replies until the ticket is closed would count toward the total touch amount.


  • Tim Doolin


    Thanks for the quick reply. 

    The reason I ask is because we have a discrepancy between our one-touch and reopened tickets. Our % of one-touch tickets is 98% and our reopened is 5% the numbers are not working out, it seems there has to be some kind of overlap in between the one-touch and reopened tickets. 

    Am I missing something that is captured in the explore data? 


  • Tim Doolin


    I re-ran the report and it seems everything is lining up now. 



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