How do I exclude blank values from my query?

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  • Pagot Alexandre


    I'm also interested to find out how i can exclude some value from my querry. 

    In my case I created a querry to show the tickets in the backlog history per week and per year. For 2020 it's all good, but for 2021 for each futur week I have blank values wich are displayed. I can't find a way to not diplayed them. 

    You can find a screeshot of my querry. 

    To be more precise, I would like to see only the data from past week. 

    Any Help our advices will be apreciated ! 


  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    Hello Pagot Alexandre. You can use the Configuration menu to do this. Go to Chart, and then click on the option to not replace missing content with a 0 value. Hope that helps!

  • Pagot Alexandre

    Hi @..., That's perfect, thank you for your help ! 



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