How do I reorder ticket fields?

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  • Starr

    Hi. How can we reorder ticket fields in the agent interface? See screenshot. Thanks in advance!

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Starr,
    If you go to your Ticket forms page, as mentioned above, you can reorder the ticket fields added to the form by dragging them to the desired position.
    When you save the changes and then open a ticket, the fields on the left side pane should be ordered based on how they are listed/arranged in the ticket forms page.

    Note that the order of fields will also be updated on your customer-facing forms (if have them on your Help Center).
  • Matt Creveling

    I was going to respond and say that the ticket fields did not rearrange for the agent when we edited the form - they were still showing in the wrong order.  Had to wait 10 minutes and refresh the page and then the agent saw the ticket fields in the right order.  

    In summary - if this doesn't seem to be working just refresh / try again in 10 minutes.


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