Can I have multiple agent signatures?

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  • Bryan Rivard

    How does this work with Talk? If i'm cognizant of character limits that means I can't have the links or closings I would put in an email because that signature would carry over to text messages  would overload the character limit, correct?

  • Ailyn Swinton
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Bryan, Text messages have the standard 160 character limitation in length. So if the message has more than these characters, it will be split into two messages.

  • Marina

    As a bilingual Zendesk client, it's a barrier that we can't set up multiple signatures for our agents. Using the macros solution means extra manual edits on every ticket, exactly what we try to avoid with Zendesk. 

  • EA

    Seems like this app is supposed to solve this issue, We haven't tried it ourselves yet...

  • Holly Jones

    I'm thinking what I'm looking for is either a way to use multiple signatures for each agent or brand-specific signatures. I see that multiple signatures per agent aren't an available feature currently.

    Hoping to find a workaround for an instance like the one below, where it automatically says the brand and followed by "Customer Experience team" some brands use different names like in this case "happiness delivery team" where we would need it changed for just this brand only. Is this possible?


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Holly, and welcome to the community! There are some third-party apps available in our Marketplace that may provide the functionality you're looking for: Zendesk App Marketplace

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