Why did my subdomain's CNAME record fail to propagate with Cloudflare?

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  • Brett Peterson

    This answer is also frustrating because in order to use Page Rules at Cloudflare the CNAME has to be proxied. (the orange cloud). This is how to setup 301 redirects for example

  • Narek Torosyan

    Just disabling Cloudflare proxy is not a solution. We use Cloudflare for redirects too. Please either provide a redirect functionality or at least fix this bug, so that the Cloudflare proxy works for Zendesk, as for every other website on the net.

  • Narek Torosyan

    Btw, this used to work properly several months ago.

  • Kevin McCabe

    Any update here? Really disappointed I can’t use my own subdomain.

  • Carla Mitchell

    I am experiencing the same issue.

    I had set up a cname with our subdomain and it seemed to work until just last week when Cloudflare has decided we are forbidden!

    What do I need to resolve this issue? 


  • Toan Le

    Hi Narek Torosyan and Zendesk team,
    Do we have a way to resolve the issue with proxied enabled on Cloudflare's CNAME with Zendesk?


  • Hiedi Kysther
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Toan, 

    This may need more time to review and investigate. Would you mind reaching out to our Support team so we can assist you further? Thanks! 


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