Can I require a field to be set before moving to a status other than solved?

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  • Brendan Crowley

    + 1 for this request. Any update here?

  • Mads Nielsen

    You can use Zendesk' own Ticket Field Manager

    to make a ticket field mandatory.

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Is there any word on adding the functionality for mandatory fields on other statuses? Our team is growing and the need for this is becoming more critical for our reporting needs

  • Sydney Neubauer

    The Ticket Field Manager makes the field mandatory on any status update which doesn't work for our teams. We encourage Agents to "Take" the tickets they work on however, they will now need to set the fields as well as "taking it" which is premature to our workflow. We may not know the correct field until later in the ticket. We need it particularly for pending (on some fields) and on-hold. Not for Open or New tickets.

  • John Garry

    we'd also like this functionality.  agree with others here that Zendesk already accomplishes this for setting status to resolved, so the logic is already there...


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