Changing your password

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  • Stan Kutzko

    Sometimes a user gets an email that the password has been reset by "you", sometimes that notification indicates the password has been reset by "administrator".  Can you detail the difference in those notices?

  • Wayne Rodness

    how can I reset a password, if its forgotten??


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Wayne,
    If you're unable to log in at all you'll want to take a look at these instructions: How do I reset my password when I can't sign in?
    I hope this helps!
  • Simon White

    When changing my password as an end user , after entering my old and new passwords , the confirmation screen (if it was one ) stays on screen for a fraction of a second before going back to the portal home screen.

    Is this normal? can a better confirmation of password change be shown on screen, rather than just receiving an email confirmation?


    Many Thanks


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