Can I edit article URLs?

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  • Stefan Stefanov

    There is an issue with the Guide content editor when trying to add a link to the internal article. Instead of adding a link to the canonical URL (the original content), one gets to the canonicalized URL (duplicate). This causes SEO issues because most canonical URLs never get any links, which leads to them not being indexed. 

    Here is an example: has a canonical link tag to .

  • John Chung

    wow. as an SEO, this is probably one of the worst things i've ever encountered on any CMS. the amount of duplicate pages you're going to produce is pretty crazy.

    Also, if I'm reading this correctly, you're saying that if a title gets updated, the canonical tag now gets changed to the URL with the title in the slug? this now results in google having to reindex a page IF they choose to (because they don't always obey canonicals).

    Such a big oversight - why not just apply a 301? or better yet, don't change the URL whenever someone changes the title. This technical implementation is more detrimental than any SEO or UX benefit of adding keywords into a URL structure. ZD, I would highly recommend you find a solution to this problem.

  • Ravi K

    I need to change the URL to sentence case. I changed the article title to sentence case as the slug in the URL is generated from the article title. However, there is no change in the URL. please find the below snapshot for reference.


  • John Chung

    Ravi K

    Try the URL without the sentence case. What you'll notice is that both URLs are still live (sentence and title), but the one with title case will update the canonical to the most latest version. If you just changed the URL to the sentence case, then that is the most updated version. You can then try to redirect all the other version to the canon page, but Zendesk limits you to redirects inside the same tech stack. I'm still pretty frustrated about this issue and your reply made me remember why I'm so upset.

  • Ivan Miquiabas
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ravi K,
    Good day! Can you provide some screenshot of the changes you made on the title of the article? I can't see it. 
    In general when you update the title of an article, the canonical URL changes to include a new slug that matches the new title. However, your end users can still navigate to a URL with the old slug, or with no slug at all. 

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