Why do triggers route live chats to departments with no available agents?

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  • Plo Mangsat
    Hi Maring,
    Thank you for posting a comment here. If you use triggers to automatically route chats to specific departments that has no online agents, chats will stil be routed to that department. These missed chats will automatically create a ticket that your agents can work on later.

    Using triggers

    You can use triggers to route chats to specific departments based on the visitor's current page, tags, locale, or other information.
    The example below will route agents to the Sales team based on the visitor tag.
    To route chats automatically
    1. From the dashboard, go to Manage > Triggers.
    2. Click Create Trigger.
    3. Set up your trigger's conditions and actions. 
    4. For example, if you want to automatically send chats from the pricing page to the Sales department, you might set up your trigger as shown below:
      • Set the Still on site condition to add a one-second delay.
      • Choose the condition (in this case, a visitor tag) you're using to identify which department should receive the chat.
      • Select the Set Visitor Department action and select a department.
    5. Click Create Triggers.
    You can check Automatically route chats to departments.
    I hope this helps clear things.
  • Maring Eberlein


    We want the functionality described here, where chats route to the appropriate department even if there are no agents online. That said, we don't want any 'lost' chats. Can someone elaborate on what this means?

    Ideally, if a chat goes to a department which is not online, then the chat would register as a missed or offline chat, create a ticket, and our agents can follow up in the ticket when the team is back online.




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